David B. Schlosser

The Scoop

David B. Schlosser is an author of award-winning fiction and non-fiction, an editor of award-winning fiction and non-fiction, a teacher of writing and editing, and an advisor on issues related to publishing and self-publishing.

He is in recovery from a career as an election-contesting political consultant, Capitol-striding lobbyist, asterisk-earning candidate for public office, and widely cited corporate spokesperson.


Strategic communications: public affairs and public relations, political and issue advocacy, social media, advertising, marketing.

Writing: short- and long-form marketing copy (web content to white papers), speeches and op-eds, ghostwriting non-fiction and fiction.

Editing: manuscript reviews, developmental editing for non-fiction and fiction book manuscripts, book coaching and guidance, science/technology/engineering/math articles and presentations, maximizing clarity for non-native English-speaking authors.

Publishing and self-publishing: advice and consultation, commiseration, warnings.


I believe passionately in the power of ideas, and in the power of words to translate ideas into action.

With creativity and integrity, I will counsel each of my clients on the unique strategy that most effectively and efficiently achieves that client's goal to motivate action based on ideas.

With every project and in every relationship, I will honor both my commitment to excellence and my client's.

I will follow this path to earn 100% satisfaction from my clients, partners, and colleagues.