Strategic Communications

Our 24/7 just-in-time globalized Tweet-filled world demands strategic thinking. Paradoxically, the same forces that demand a strategy interfere with our ability to create and execute one.

  • When bloggers, journalists, and editors can say anything they want, any time they want, there’s no such thing as “no PR is bad PR.”
  • When customers can reach out and touch you from any location in the world, there’s no such thing as “quitting time.”
  • When your phone finds you day or night, there’s no such thing as “work-life balance.”

There’s no quicker way to squander your valuable resources than trying to communicate without a strategy that unifies your message and optimizes both its delivery and its impact. My experience in developing and implementing strategies that hit the target can help you maximize the return on your communications investment.

When you need to create and implement a strategy to take control of your communication, your organization, and your life, rely on an experienced and caring advisor to thoughtfully consider:

  • The results you must achieve.
  • The constituencies that will help or hinder you, and your relationships with them.
  • What motivates your audience, your colleagues, or you.
  • The context in which people will decide to be with you or against you.
  • The tactics and events that integrate your strategy with your goals.
  • An objective method to measure your success.

A strategy that incorporates these variables will maximize the opportunity to achieve your communication, organizational, or personal goals.  Whether you are…

  • An emerging business, creating a new market, or breaking into an existing one
  • An established corporation, navigating today’s competitive economy
  • A public relations, public affairs, marketing, or advertising agency, seeking a skilled strategist to devise a persuasive initiative that enhances your reputation and your clients’
  • A public institution, earning the support of multiple, often competing, constituencies
  • A professional corporation, converting complex legal, regulatory, or technical ideas into plain English and identifying new clients
  • A worthy cause, competing for attention with limited resources
  • A political candidate, offering yourself for public service
  • An individual, establishing yourself in your profession, or embarking on a new one

…my proven ability to translate strategy into results can accelerate your success.